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Blast furnace of the "Pokój" steelwork


The blast furnace was part of the buildings of the "Pokój" steelwork in Nowy Bytom.


The construction of the device took 105 days, and the facility was launched in 1968. After less than 20 years of operation, the blast furnace turned out to be outdated and ineffective, so it was decided to modernize it. The renovation works were completed in 1987. The production profile of the device was changed, switching it to ferromanganese smelting. At that time, the "Pokój" steelwork was the only producer of this alloy in the country. The next modernization took place in 1995-1997, but it was decided to resume production only in 2004.


The high failure rate and negative impact on the environment quickly resulted in the final shutdown of the Blast Furnace, which took place in February 2005. At the end of 2012, the facility was entered into the register of monuments. In 2018, the city became the formal owner of the Blast Furnace and all associated infrastructure. Two years later, the blast furnace of the "Pokój" steelwork was included in the European Industrial Heritage Trail - ERIH.


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