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Concordia Chamber Choir

The Concordia Chamber Choir operating at the Muza Cultural Center in Lubin has been operating for 11 years. Initially, the band members were graduates of the 1st and 2nd Secondary Schools in Lubin.


Until 2020, the choir's conductor was Henryk Ziobrowski. The group's activities have been suspended due to the pandemic, and since October 2022, the choristers have been singing under the direction of Emilia Ziegler-Opara, conductor.

both adult and children's choirs and a vocal pedagogue.

Currently, the band members are representatives of various professional groups who share a passion for singing together.

The choir's repertoire is very diverse. It includes choral "hits" such as Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus", works by contemporary Polish composers of choral music - Jan Krutul and Marcin Wawruk, as well as folk and popular music.


Recently, the band gave concerts in the Wang Temple in Karpacz and in the Church of St. Saint Jadwiga Śląska in Miłków. An indispensable tradition of the choir is a performance during the Curtain Festival at the Muza Cultural Center in Lubin. This local tradition was started by the purchase of a new curtain, which replaced the old, worn-out sheet. Every year on December 14, the choir performs the famous "Song of the Curtain" created by the founder of the group - Henryk Ziobrowski and one of the choir members - Irmina Ziemianowicz-Śmigielska.

Year by year, the band is gaining more and more popularity among the local community, and its ranks are currently joined by 34 singers, so the term "chamber" in the name is no longer valid. However, during this year's Night of Choirs, the ensemble will perform in a chamber ensemble.

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