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Choir of the Cultural Center in Wojkowice

The Chamber Choir of the Cultural Center in Wojkowice (formerly the Multigenerational Choir) has existed since 2010. It was founded by Katarzyna Mataczyńska, and since 2018 it has been led by Paulina Dziedzic - a graduate of Vocal Studies and Artistic Education in the Field of Musical Art at the Academy of Music in Katowice.


The choir performs at concerts organized by the Cultural Center and is its showcase, singing numerous local celebrations. From this artistic season, the group co-hosts "Singing Wojkowice" - a series of thematic meetings uniting singing enthusiasts. The choir currently consists only of adults, but in the past children have also appeared, and each of them brings their own musical sensitivity and vocal skills.


The choir is constantly developing, the number of its members is growing and its range is expanding - until recently only residents of Wojkowice sang in it, today residents of cities such as Piekary Śląskie, Będzin and Sosnowiec also participate in rehearsals.

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