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Bytom Singers' Collective

Bytom Singers' Collective

The Bytomski Kolektyw Śpiewaczy is a group of nearly 30 women who have been exploring the secrets of traditional singing together for 3 years.

In everyday life, they differ in almost everything - profession, interests, age, experience, musical predispositions and temperament. On stage, they are united by harmony.

The collective refers to the tradition of Upper Silesian choirs and singing societies, but is also a symbolic nod to the displaced people from Central and Eastern Europe who found their place in Upper Silesia.

The Bytomski Kolektyw Śpiewaczy concerts are a pretext to encounter the multiculturalism accompanying the history of the region, an opportunity to understand the contexts and connections with the traditions of today's Ukraine. Finally, they are an opportunity for conversations and intergenerational dialogue, to ask questions about identity.

The group has so far staged three large-format performances on the stages of the Rozbark Theater in Bytom and the S. Wyspiański Silesian Theater in Katowice: "All my hopes. Concert of traditional songs from Polesie” (2021), “WE CALL TO THE SPIRITS/we sing to you” (2022) and “TWILIGHTS/DAWNS” (2023). The performances were very positively received by the audience, building the band's brand. They resulted in many invitations to perform concerts in many cities of the Metropolis.

We are cultural ambassadors of the city of Bytom and Upper Silesia.

The Bytomski Kolektyw Śpiewaczy is an original project by Marlena Hermanowicz, inaugurated in 2021 thanks to a scholarship from the Mayor of Bytom for people involved in artistic creation and dissemination of culture in the field of intangible heritage [folklor and tradition].

Ensamble will present folklore music.

Photo by Tomasz Makuła

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